Love Guru Mitch

Love Guru Mitch


If there is even the slight chance at getting something that will make you happy RISK IT! Life is too short and happiness is too rare! I am someone who will solve problems you did not know you had/forgot, in a way you don’t understand or ever thought of! All My Rituals Are $125 Flat.NO REFUNDS AT ANY GIVEN TIME!

Mitch provides healing of the mind, body and soul through energy and spiritual readings with no information required from you. He wants to give his clients an experience like no other, a feeling of complete tranquility and comfort. With the help of candles, crystals and other traditional rituals, he is able to customize your experience and provide you a comprehensive reading. He is nominated by the National Astrological Association as California’s Top Psychic Adviser. With his extensive experience, he is able to provide you with the following services: readings, distant healing, rituals, spiritual cleanse, reiki, past life regressions & More.

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My sessions are very detailed and can get very personal, it is suggested you keep note of every bit of information provided. You have to stop being scared and just go for it, either it works out or it doesn’t, your belief decides the outcome.

There is a link between our thoughts and our physical health just as there is a link between the spirit and mind. When we treat the mind and spirit, we treat the physical. When our spirit is decimated, so are the body and mind. So, it is imperative that we treat all three to achieve a healthy place.


When opportunity knocks you cannot say "come back later" that is not how it works. You came across my profile because you need solutions not just answers and someone to finally be honest with you. I let you know the thoughts and feelings of anyone you mention as long as let you know where you stand in someone’s life romantically.

My powers are to be taken very serious, what I do is not a joke or for entertainment! There is no going back once you start working with me because my work is permanent not temporary. I want to make sure this is the right fit for you! If both the prospective client and healer feel that this is the best step for your healing journey, I will schedule your healing sessions.

What will I feel during an Chakra balancing session? Many people find Energy Medicine sessions, for the most part, very relaxing. People usually feel lighter and any dense energy is lifted.

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Languages: English, Spanish

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-08:00) January 20, 2018, 09:05PM

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03 Apr 2017 excellent ranking gianna02

BEYOND generous! I truly hope it comes to pass as he has said.

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22 Mar 2017 excellent ranking sweets

wonderful energy and an amazing reading. thank you Mitch. You rock. *Katrina*

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30 Apr 2016 excellent ranking sedonalace24

Mitch has such a wonderful energy and connects so well! Thank you Mitch!

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26 Apr 2016 excellent ranking cn2015

This guy is amazing. I was having a bad day and he helped me see things clearly. Hope the work he does will work out awesome! :)

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25 Apr 2016 excellent ranking gstar83


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