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Leona Graves


Thank you for stopping by. Check out the video over by my picture. —>

I’m here to help you to create your future using:

Clairvoyant Tarot and Oracle readings, psychic dream-interpretations, and Tarot & spell-guidance.

I will NOT sugarcoat what I see. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask!

Rule of Thumb: One question = about $5 and one card.

TYPING: 124 WPM – I’m fast! I have scribed professionally. I also sometimes use Dragon software in an effort to reduce potential physical damage from the strain of typing at such speed. This software types at the same speed that I speak, so is at times even faster than my typing.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Tarot & Oracle Cards, Clairvoyance, Bachelors of Psychology, Dream Interpretation, Empathy, Intuition, Second Sight, Mediumship (through Tarot/Oracle cards), Compassion, Honesty.


Step 1: Register for Bitwine

Thank you for stopping by to chat. Unfortunately, I must reject clients who are unregistered through Bitwine. Please, sign up before you call.

Step 2: Choose Your Deck (or I will)

Deviant Moon Tarot

Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

Amethyst Oracle

Animal Medicine Cards

Ultimate Oracle

Zombie Tarot

Step 3: Read Below

—-Natural Gifts: Clairvoyance and other psychic abilities since childhood, Tarot and other divination tools since teenage years.

—-Psychic Training: I receive continued training in veteran psychic and author Mystikka Jade’s Psychic Career Mentoring program.

—-Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology: Lending an analytical perspective to our sessions.

—-Clairvoyance: The term "clair" (clear) "voyance" (vision) represents the strongest of my psychic abilities: I see events beyond my own place, time, and senses. When I tune in, I do not always see exact images of the events to come. I am also shown metaphorical symbolism much like what occurs in dreams or art. ​ —-Testing Our Connection: I can read for anyone who comes to me with honesty & integrity. Testing causes me anxiety & actually makes it more difficult to connect. I am most accurate when at peace. If you feel we are not connecting, please end the reading.

—-Questions: Ask specific questions to yield specific answers. General readings will likely leave you dissatisfied.

—-Honesty: Be honest with me because if I believe something that is not true, it will negatively impact the reading and its accuracy. I am still human and my rational mind is very much a part of these readings.

—-Timeframes: I like to look within the next 3-month period. Past that, I begin tuning into too many variable paths depending on the choices you will have to make. Remember, learning about the future can alter it for better or worse depending on what you take away from these sessions.

—-Accuracy: No one is 100%, but my testimonials relay how well I’ve done and remain visible at all times: good, bad, or otherwise.

—-Feedback: Please leave feedback describing your experience with me. I learn from what you have to say and will only respond if I feel there has been a misunderstanding. I appreciate the wonderful things so many of you have already said!

—-Refunds: I do not offer refunds because there is no way for you to return the time I spent reading. Please, leave feedback about your experience.

—-Entertainment: All readings are for entertainment purposes only. I offer guidance with a gift I have turned into an ability. At the end of the day, your life is still your responsibility 100% of the time. I’m only here to help!

—-Legal: If there is a charge-back after our session, you are liable for any charges incurred and your information and transcript will be provided to the appropriate authorities as evidence of your consent to accept the charges of the reading.

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19 Jul 2017 excellent ranking pinktoe

Thank you! Pretty sure I'll sleep well after that lovely reading. You're the best!

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18 Jul 2017 excellent ranking pinktoe

Thank you. You are a courageous and talented woman. Growing more grateful for you all the time! I'm finding my strength and you have shone a light on it for me.

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17 Jul 2017 excellent ranking holly1985

wonderful and spot on

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16 Jul 2017 excellent ranking starlite

Very detailed accurate and helpful thank you !

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15 Jul 2017 excellent ranking beablessing

Thank you Leona. And yes, I will set the alarms. I'm looking forward to all of these developments.

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