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In need of Angelic guidance? Amora is a natural intuitive Psychic that works with the Archangels and her Spirit Guides. She uses her empathic,intuitive, clairvoyant, clairsentience and psychic abilities through her Oracle cards, Runes, Crystals, Angelic Guidance and the Spirit Realm. she is known to read into any situation and help you find your hearts true priorities. Amora has always had the Psychic ability, the possibility to pick up ones energy and a strong connection to the Angelic and Spirit world. She learned to use her gifts to connect deeply and openly with her consultants. Be aware though Amora will be honest and truthful even if the reading shows a negative outcome, honesty is often the way to get back on track with your life. Each choice made in life can lead you on a different path. Amora has the capability to help you find this path and tell you what you can do to improve the steps you take.

Amora is known for her work with the Angel and Spirit Realms.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Amora Angel is a Natural born intuitive Psychic that always was in contact with the Angelic and spirit realms. She always was a empath with a the natural abilities: Clair-cognizance, Clairvoyance and clairsentience.( clear knowing, seeing and feeling)

Degrees and Courses I followed:

♥Angelic Mediumship♥

♥Angel Healer 101♥

♥advanced Angel Therapy♥

♥Angel Communications♥


♥Chakra and Aura Healing♥

♥Natural Healing♥

♥Herbal Knowledge♥

♥Crystal Therapy♥

♥Psychic Development♥

♥Professional Tarot♥


♥Past Life Regression Therapy♥


♥Kundalini Awakening♥

♥Angelic attunements bundle♥

♥Energy Worker♥

♥Spirit Worker♥



♥Intuition training♥

♥Karmic Healing♥

♥Crystal Magic♥




I specialize in Passed life’s, Soul purpose and destiny, Angelic Guidance and Healing, Astral Realms, Cleansing and healing of Auras and chakras. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear today, I am here to help you find what you need for this life.

My soul purpose is to help people find balance in their life, remove the negativity and bring you in contact with your own angels and spirit guides. I would never cast curses or fill your life with negativity I will help you remove these from your life!! I am very blunt but honest and compassionate when giving a consultant a reading. The readings will always be straight forward but from the heart. With my 12 years of experience I am able to help you with all your questions there will be no judging for I respect everyone. I have worked as a professional for many years now on online Psychic networks, in stores or at Spiritual festivals. I have developed a Angelic Healing system together with the Archangels and created my own Angelic Jewelry line filled with the angels energy.

Before I started offering my services online and became professional I made sure to follow several courses to learn more about the divine beings and the guidance and healing they offer humanity. My dedication is fully towards helping you find your soul purpose and help those who are willing to connect to their angels and their spirit guides. I offer special services to get in touch with your guides from a spirit guide channeling to Spirit Guide Drawings. Feel free to request more information about those if you are interested.

Please understand that connecting to your specific situation will take time I will give you up to 5 minutes for you to decide if I am connected and able to help you with your questions.

I hope you understand that no reader can simply answer your questions within a few seconds, if you feel I am able to help you understand that a reading takes time. I do not give time frames for it is hard to predict how quick or long a reading can take.

I will always be true and honest towards my consultants.

You may contact me through twitter, Facebook or my website.

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