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Allow me to be your personal psychic, as well as a friend!


I am a gifted psychic with abilities such as foresight, clairvoyance, spell casting and healing, as well as chakra balancing. As others claim to have the know-how of reading tarot, I however can see into the very depth of the cards and how it relates and revolves around you. My spell work varies upon the situation, although there is nothing I cannot assist you with in conjuration. Everything is all natural and works with the elements!

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I help you release energy that is keeping you from having the life and all you desire. I am a clairvoyant. I read and see clearly just by using my psychic abilities. I help you get specific answers to your questions, as well as help you make positive lasting changes in your life. I’ve developed a unique method of releasing energy that works. My spellwork and guidance are the most powerful tools out there to help you heal your heart. Simply put, it changes people’s lives.


Greetings! I am Liliana, an advisor known for honesty and integrity. Are you feeling lost or confused? Wanting to know what your future really holds? What will happen with the one you love or will you ever find true love? Will you ever have the career or position you’ve been working so hard for? Maybe you have what you want right in front of you and you don’t know how to make any progress? With my spiritual insight I will help you on your life path. There is no judgement here, everybody & everything is accepted. I am an intuitive interpreter of dreams, numbers and birth dates, as well as even answering unspoken questions upon reading your tarots.

Allow me to tell you a little about myself, so you may have a better understanding. I am Liliana Lotus, a psychic based in California with over sixteen plus years experience. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always seen and felt things. I was frightened by this, but my mother and grandmother had informed me of their similar abilities and not to fear, as it is a gift ,and to embrace it being in a family with gifts themselves. My stronger dormant powers awoken after being baptized at the age of 13, I began to see auras. At 16, I had experienced my first heart break, which introduced me to empathy, I began to connect more emotionally with others through my powers. I feel the emotions of others, hear what they are saying and am able to see and understand things through their eyes. By sharing what I feel, see and hear, I help people. My guides also speak through me to help you to understand the problems you are struggling with. And since love is the strongest emotion of all, I am able to manifest amazing results through my work for my clients. I have harnessed my abilities to their fullest extent in all areas, such as healing, clairvoyance, spell casting chakra balancing, and more. When we talk, I want us to connect as friends rather than a client and a psychic. I am very understanding, and I accept everyone and everything.

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