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Spiritual solutions with clairvoyance,love reading,soulmate connection,heart telepathy,couple issue,stress management,removing black magic effect,Calling divine intervention for soulmate union,Guidance for how to increase love and getting love back. ,


Hello I am giving guidance with my inner soul voice with divine knowledge and third eye chakra. I have depth knowledge in Indian yoga sadhna with kundalini power.I have study all concept of Hinduism ,Buddhism ,Jainism,light worker.You can get all spiritually solutions for general worldly issues.Depth knowledge in spiritual healing,meditation.Soul-mate connection. I have leave worldly life since last 5 years and doing yoga sadhana.I am feeling light hearted now with spiritual healing power. I have done so much meditation and samadhi expertise in yoga and healing powers.I have activated my kundalini powers with samadhi meditation.

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I have done so many spiritual work since last 5 years .I have worked on kundalini yoga and activated all chakras.Having enlightenment divine experience like out of body experience .


I have good experience spiritual healing i have saved so many relationship with my spiritual healing and divine help..Also depth research in religion like Hinduism,Jainism,Buddhism,Christianity.Clear all concepts of light worker,reiki ,soulmate connection,twin-flame,remote healing,spiritual healing power,Having siddhis like clairvoyance,clairaudeince ,telepathy with heart,precognition,,giving blessings of god.

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