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Love psychic with many years of experiance. Can solve all matters of the heart and life concerns. White magic spells available upon request. Allow me to unveil your future and provide you with peace at mind. Fast typist, extremely intuitive!


❧To all the hearts that wander my way- Greetings, you were sent to me by fate! I can guide you throughout every aspect of life without sprinkling over reality. Please allow me the chance to open up your heart, body, soul & mind to a spiritual awakening. After just one session I will fill that empty hole in your heart & bring back what you sought for (or perhaps replace it with something new?!) I am a light-worker along with natural born psychic that has connections to the spiritual realm and Love Goddesses from beyond our point of view. Specializing in all aspects of life. I can guide you if you’re wondering the following below:

☪Are THEY the one?

☪Will my marriage last?

☪Can you restore lost love?

☪Mend a broken heart?

☪Send someone new my way?

☪Whos my soulmate?

☪What are their true intentions?

☪Where is my life going?

☪Am I making the right or wrong choice?

☪Cast a spell/get rid of negativity?

☪Financial/career forecasting + all other concerns as well!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

☪ Natural born psychic I can see where your future is headed & give you insight as to what lies ahead along with going into the past to see what lies behind you

☪Clairsentient I am blessed with gift of clairsentience, giving me the ability to convey messages from a higher power through the sense of tapping under emotions and motives. intuition, sense, sight & feel.

☪ White Angel healer I can teach you how to detach the negative energy that is controlling you & help regain your sanity by rejuvenating your soul by the help of the Gods & Angels through reiki.

☪ Master spell caster All of my spells are cast with the purest form of light white magic & divine love; I DO NOT cast black magic of any sort. I have a large array of different spells, potions, crystals, prayers & such. Upon request I can conjure up custom spells as long as your intentions do not infringe upon another individuals free will.

☪ Certified tarot reader I use an ancient deck of cards that was passed on to unveil the future.


I come from a long line of clairvoyants, psychic readers, native white healers, witches and shaman priests and have been doing readings for 15+ years. Along with my inherited abilities I have studied for many years to mold my gifts. I received my Psychic accreditation as well as my priest hood in the Wiccan faith and am a part of the white goddess society. Aside from my credentials and inheritance that dates back to many moons ago I am a WHITE witch whoms intentions are pure! True Witchcraft is something that has to be inherited and CANNOT BE TAUGHT! Every spell that I have cast has worked! Sometimes they take time and on occasions they don’t work as you intended or maybe too much like you intended… However they always work. I have never had a client to complain on what I have cast for them yet. My circles code of ethics is to never mislead or displease a client. This might sound quite a bit cliche but however if you allow me I can really make your desires come true! We all cross paths for a reason so allow me the chance to put your heart at ease and an ending to your emotional turmoil! I am great listener as well and truly care for each and every single one of my clients. My intentions are only to help, being that I am perfectionist I will not stop until you have that peace of mind and happiness that you deserve. I will tell you the truth as I see it without any sugar coating. I don’t do fantasy readings and tell you WHAT you want to hear. I’m going to give it you exactly the way I see it but I will keep your emotions in mind when delivering my guidance. There’s many ways we can go about our readings. When conducting my sessions I rarely bring out tools being that this is my natural ability, however when my guides advise me crystals, candles and tarot may be brought out for extra clarification! Come and chat with me! I want you to treat me like a friend/big sister : )I work at our family Wiccan shop locally and have been an internet & phone psychic for quite some time… I CAN GO ON & ON about myself but that’s not what I’m here for you… I want to help you. And with that being said I can’t wait to chat. Blessed be!

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