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☆❤No sugar coating! Prophet. PLS REGISTER b4 calling, thanks. ACCURATE ROMANCE/CAREER/PREDICTIONS/MEDIUM READINGS! Only names/intls needed. TAROT. Claircognizant, Precognitive, Clairaudience - Past/Present/Future❤☆




☆Readings for me are similar to SHARING SECRETS WITH A FRIEND. If we don’t "click" (have a connection) I will gladly refund your money IN THE BEGINNING, not AFTER I GIVE the FUTURE predictions. PLEASE keep this in mind! Thank you! God bless you all☆


Lenormand chat deals available

I’m a seer, empath, accurate, detailed, and I tend to focus on the future.

Please don’t be rude. Lenormand readings are very direct, and short. Don’t buy if looking for more details.

Please only provide names + genders at first w/ no details. Don’t purchase per. min. rate if you’re expecting a 4 mins reading/answer. For more than 1 couple (multiple names) please purchase 20 mins+☆

☆I make sure we initially connect before making future love-based predictions on a couple (2 people)

I don’t use the "FREE WILL" excuse. I don’t believe in that when it comes to psychic readings. It either will happen, or it won’t.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Member of American Tarot Association (ATA)

21 Divisiones Dominicana – Dominican Santeria. Strong belief & faith in God, the Virgin Mary, Jesus + Saints. I recently discovered my Metresa which is Maitresse Freda & I’m from the Agua Dulce Division (La Division India)

REMEMBER = Nobody is perfect. We aren’t God, so there is NO WAY that we as Intuitives can be 100% correct ALL THE TIME. Keep this in mind. Readings in general take a lot of energy + dedication. I like to provide many details + many times I like to confirm past/present events to make sure that we are on the correct path towards future predictions panning out. I mainly use Tarot as my #1 go-to tool for readings.

Due to legal purposes the readings should be treated as Entertainment only. NO FREE READINGS


I have been assisting many people online with their concerns and issues for a couple of years including my own personal website. Been using Tarot & other divination tools for more than 10.

Very honest & straightforward! Please, do not leave negative feedback because you do not like the answer/prediction given.

First of all of course – God, Jesus Christ + The Virgin Mary

MaitresseFreda MaterDolorosa BelieBelcan AnaisaPye SaintGabriel SaintHelena(Empress) SaintClaire NinoDivino Metresili SaintSantiago LaSirena (YEMAYA) BabaYaga Virgen de la Altagracia (Our lady of Highest Grace)

..are some of the saints/spirits I work with to bring you as much clarity as I can =)

WARNING If you’re used to sugary/sweet readings that seem positive and just filled with lots of good hopes, then my readings are NOT for you. I believe in equality and deliver both bad & good that I see. There is evil as well as good in real life at all times. Not everything will be positive, so if you’re not ready to hear it all, please do not call me. Thanks.

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Languages: English, Spanish

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) March 26, 2017, 10:51PM

Location: Brooklyn, New York  (Find on Google Maps)

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