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I am a hedge witch with only your best interests at heart. I have years of experience and I am offering readings by Tarot, runes, and other methods. I care about you and want you to know what pitfalls you have ahead. There are no dead ends and no binary answers. I will paint a tapestry for you and you will be able to make the best decision based on what you see before you. I can not wait to meet you!


During childhood, I was very in tune with my spirituality. I loosely followed the Pecti-Witan path until I was in high school and being a kid took over for a bit. I have since returned to my roots as a practicing hedge witch, utilizing various forms of divination like tea reading, keek-stane, Tarot, remote viewing, etc.

I have been able to use intuition and ad-hoc forms of craft work but I prefer using the tried and true methods of those who came before me. I occasionally introduce something new in my grimoire but only after it has been tested and proven to be effective. This makes me rather versatile when it comes to impromptu readings but it also allows me to make informed choices on the method that will best help the Querient. I am passionate about helping people find ways past the issues they are struggling with.

I also believe that a witch’s job is many-fold. Beyond the healing and magical aspects of the craft comes an obligation to counsel and show a person perspectives they would not have seen otherwise. My role as a witch is often only half magick and the other half is simply facilitating as a mirror that you adjust to better view yourself. Often times, people don’t realize the difference and that’s a bit of magick in and of itself.

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