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Ann Soulmate and Twin flame Specialist ~ Accurate & True Answers in all love Relationships - Soulmate Energy readings. 35 years experience helping people around the world find truth and clarity in all matters of Love. ★Available for Chat Readings★


Spiritual Psychic Energy Specializing in all Love, Soulmates, and Relationship areas. I Channel thru spirit guides to give an accurate energy of the people around your love relationship also spiritual messages you need to know as they are given to me in psychic visions.

I will help you find your true purpose with your current or previous relationship if there is a future or time to move on. I’m honest, no sugarcoating.

During a Spiritual reading, I pick up visions and predictions ready to happen. I read spiritual the energy at a fast pace, receiving information from my spirit guides and interpreting the spiritual messages.

All time frames are not 100% accurate, I’m very accurate for picking up the situation clearly and where it is headed.

We are sent in each life time to grow and learn, things may happen and sometimes it will not be revealed in a session, due to free will, we all have choices, getting a reading can help guide your path.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Born under the Psychic sign of Scorpio (The sign of spirituality) I’ve always had the curiosity of mysteries with the paranormal and everything associated with spirituality.

I realized at an early age that I was blessed with a true gift of feeling emotions and energy of others also the ability to visualize future events.

I feel blessed to use my spiritual abilities guiding people to a positive path, opening spiritual realms. With my sessions you have the power of accepting the truth as given to you understanding the influences with positive and negative circumstances.

I’m a Christian believer and I do not practice love spells, magic or any thing dark, I feel with every religion, we are connected (I never judge those who believe in this type of practice), searching for the higher Light.

I feel things happen for a reason, and some things cannot be explained to us for the highest good, understanding God has a plan for all of us, and gave us free will, to make our own decisions in our life.


Anna is experienced for over 33 years with helping many people all over the world. Anna’s specialty is soul mate and twinflame connections, combined her Spiritual gifts, she will give clarity to answers within all love relationships also helping with reuniting lost soulmates and Twinflames.

As we all know love can be a challenge, you can not help who you fall in love or who your connected too.

A Psychic session with Anna will help clear up your confusion and guide your path. Just by hearing your voice vibrations, she will tune up on your past, present & future.

Psychic Anna will help you learn everything needed to enhance your life, together you will find positive light and energy.

Psychic Anna channels the Angelic spiritual energy to help you see the true meaning of energy. You will learn how to avoid the negative things that waste time, also ruin your relationships.

Anna uses all of Doreen Virtue’s Angel, Tarot and oracle decks and will Reveal the Deepest most Intimate Emotions of the Heart and the energy of other around you, this will help you avoid any obstacle that may cause negativity in your situation. She gives intuitive oracle card readings, guiding you in many areas of your life.

Anna is a Certified Reiki Master. Reiki is a form of long distance healing that uses spiritual life force energy. This type of energy healing will remove spiritual blockages also balance the chakras energy all through the body.

She works with spiritual energy and crystals and through spiritual meditations to help with chakra balancing.

Crystals are used as spiritual tools to reveal deeper into the situation through clairvoyant visions that Manifest as feelings, Images and words with your love relationship.

Her energy spiritual sessions giving her the feelings, emotions and intentions of those who are most important in your life. she is not a mind reader or claims to be, no one can predict the true meaning of life or what is our true purpose is, Only God has that answer.

Be advised you need to have a clear and an open mind, the truth may not be what you want to hear. Anna will tell you the way it is in a gentle manner, knowing how to avoid the obstacles also knowing the consequences that may be involved.

She is not responsible for the events that occur with free will and decisions you make, she never sugar coats the situation, only help guide you spiritually through the changes needed for a positive outcome.

Giving an inaccurate information or testing any psychic will lead to an inaccurate reading, Psychic Ann can not answer questions with details in 3 minutes. You must be neutral and have an open mind.

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