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Miracle worker


**THE REAL DEAL *Service Description Is to give you a full detailed reading. I am always honest & accurate, If you are looking for answers in your life I am the person who can help you. I am new here to bitwine & I promise if you try me you will not be Disapointed. I help In providing accurate psychic tarot & palm readings. My rune & Crystal cleansings work wonder’s. I manily specialize In health healing witch Is most difficult In Spiritality so love reuniting readings & cleansing’s are very easy for me to solve. I am a true psychic, I also do reki healing I do work miracles & I am with god I help in many diffrent aspects in life such as cheating/affair’s for people who are looking to find out names, dates, times, places, & their mates feelings. Divorce, Children, Career Infertility, Weight loss , weight gain, depression, health, love, bipolar disorder, jealouse people, aura cleansings, psychic abilitys, reaching beyond & much more I customize Rituals for those special client’s Try me I can helP

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a 3rd Generation Psychic I am a licenced Psychic & I have a Award for best Psychic In the city of lock california, Also study in reki healing for 8 years.


I have a lot of experience I have so many storys that I could tell but everything Is Confidentail. I have helped over 1,754 Clients In love, Including affairs & cheating. & I couldn’t count how many client’s In Health Issues. I am very good at what I do because Everything comes natraul & I know how to deal with everything In the Spiritual world. I devote all of my time to my client’s. Giving readings providing deatails Cureing health problems & Dezavu. I have one story I have asked my client If I could share She approved, She Is from China & her husband has not had eye sight sence he was 36 He was 63 at the time She found me, he had lost his sight It took me 5 months but sure enough he is perfectly fine & can see bright like new. I have so many other storys But I have had experience’s That I could say I KNOW No other one has had. & the feeling knowing you are god gifted & can help makes it priceless. If you are in honest need of help & need a True Miracle in your life I can help you don’t think twice let me look into your life & see if there is some hold back if it is you just thinking something is rong. If there are Jealouse people around. If you just ever wanted a road map of things that need to be done in your life I can be that road map for you. Their Is no reason to feel Confused when you can have straight accuracy. let me look into your future we dont have to dwell in the past God bless

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Local Time: (GMT-08:00) April 25, 2019, 09:53AM

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