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Hello I"m Vanessa and I specialize in all matters of life and love I have been known to restore balance and peace of mind in relashionships when needed with my gifts im able to tap into your energy and that of your partners with just a name and DOB I can give you insight and details into any situation you are facing im always honest and straight forward in all of my readings i dont hold back but all my readings are also done with love and compassion. I also connect to your spirt guides and angels to deliver divine messages just for you. I look forward to connecting with you.


I Am a 3rd Generation Psychic.I got my gifts from my great gramdmother on my mothers side and as i got older i would see and hear spirts and i practiced meditation to better tap into those gifts.. If you are looking for straightfoward honest answers with in dept detail answers and soultions Look no further!

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