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I enjoy helping people I believe in using my abilities for the greater good in the lives and or afterlives of each spirit I come in contact with. I work in the light. I have helped so many people with their questions about, love life, career, life purpose, and helped make connections with passed pets and loved ones for many of my clients. I am a Certified Usui Reiki practitioner, Trained pendulum reader, Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Medium, Empath, Animal Communicator, Past Life Reader, I can read, clear and balance your chakras and I am a Spiritual Reader.

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I am a certified Usui reiki healer/practitioner. I am a psychic reader/healer. Trained pendulum reader. Excellent Past Life reader. Amazing Pet communicator. I able to Channel a message from your Spirit Guides. I can read clear and balance your Chakras.


I have clients form several countries and many locally who know that I will go to any length to help them. I have been a medium my entire life. Although I have no certification as an animal communicator I grew up on a cattle ranch and have always been able to communicate with animals. All I need is a picture and I can give you are run down of how they feel physically and emotionally. I am a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner. I am a trained Pendulum reader. I have been doing this work professionally for a year now and have been extremely successful with a very high return client rate.

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