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over 8 years ago
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Hope Kleidon (mertypoo)

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I am currently attracted to a man who pays his rent at my work. I am unsure if i should ask him out or not….

over 8 years ago
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none (soulreader)

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hi , i can tell you whats going to happen , what you have to do . what he is going to reply , where this will take you . please contact me live for a reading . thanks .

over 8 years ago
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Scarlett Love Keeper Of Hea... (lovesorceressserenity)

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Blessings! I can reach deep into his soul and tell you what he is feeling, thinking, his intentions and the future between you two by reading heart, soul,and mind. Please meet me in chat. Love and Light.

over 8 years ago
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Let’s talk about it. I can help you.