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over 8 years ago
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I want to get rid of this bad relationship and need to free my heart from this deep attachment to him. I think we were connected in many lives together. It simply doesnt work out for me and I keep being abused and neglected. I want to get rid of this person fromo my life – it hurts to love someone who doesnt love you back for years. Not only that – but his mother has been very jealous, cunning, and very destructive the whole time – only that he never protected me in this story… he always protected that bad selfish woman…

Oh dear I have been hurt so deeply as I love very genuinely – my heart does not lie. He never reached out to communicate his deep feelings or thoughts with me. But I need out from feeling this for him. – i want to meet someone new and have this same love for the right guy for me. Can someone guide me or help me? Is this man my soulmate? Is this why it is so problematic? What should i do?

I’m completely heartbroken… I’ve been trying to dump him so many times but our connection keeps bringing us back on this dysfunctional relationship. I’m sick of being hurt and crying alone in my bed for the last 4 years…

over 8 years ago
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Rosalynda (loveguidance)

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Hello, I am able to help you with this, contact me and let’s go into a session. I will need your name and his name and I can explain to you what is going on here. Feel free to view my feedback :)

over 8 years ago
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Aileen (elementalpsychic)

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I see this happening to lots of people all the time- I can understand your pain as you feel a deep connection with this person. I am impressed that you have acknowledged that this relationship is not healthy- GOOD- this is a great first step.

The next thing to do is some healing as your heart is heavy and need a lot of new positive energy to get rid of the mounting old negative energy associated with this trauma.

I am happy to provide some pranic healing with your permission- please come through via chat (if you see me online) or leave me a message- we will need to discuss a specific individual plan to heal you emotionally as it is draining you physically- from there we can discuss a plan of action. I look forward to your call or email.

over 8 years ago
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September (butterflies)

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Hello Pink,

Your feelings are genuine and, though it doesn’t feel like it now, you have come to a great opportunity in your life. You are at a crossroads and, where you might have once seen only the road leading back to your torment, you now can see the road leading to your happiness. You have been led to seek and FIND guidance to your happiness because you ARE meant to be happy.

This is where spiritual guidance can and will help you if you take the right approach. YOU have to participate in your guidance and your life. If you do, a really good and sincere adviser can help you find your way and get you through the darkest times. But YOU are the one in control. You gave up your control for the last four years. The Universe, God, whatever you believe in, has watched over you despite your choices and is now stepping in to offer and LEAD you to happiness, healing and love. It is your choice whether or not you go down this path to a better life or take the road that leads nowhere.

If you want an answer to your question, you need not look far. YOU have the answers. Going back down that road will not take you to a new place. The same barren landscape and painful journey are there and you know them well.

If you take the hand that is being extended to you and struggle to your feet, rise up and begin to walk, you will soar again.

Does this mean there is NO hope for this man or this relationship? No. It means that YOU are to take the blessing offered to you now and, in FAITH and TRUS begin your walk. It might bring him the opportunity for healing, as well. But YOU have got to take the first step and begin the walk. He may catch up with you or you may meet your life’s companion along the road you haven’t tried yet.

In either case, unless and until you have real clarity and insight, you won’t really know which way to turn.

I urge you to think seriously about your needs, what you hope to achieve, where you are going, and what you truly want. Choose the adviser who shares your vision of what a reading and guidance should be, as you are guided by your own intuition.

Above all know that you are loved and precious. This world is not so cruel that you should have to suffer. You are meant to be happy. Please believe that and give yourself the gift of reaching for the hand extended you. Don’t suffer needlessly anymore. Abuse is a slow death of the spirit, the light within each of us. Your light is meant to shine and light the way for others. Don’t let it dim and fade away.

Blessings, Love, and Light to you.


over 8 years ago
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True Soulmate Expert (trueloveexpert)

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Hi, See if you are ready to hear the truth, then call me anytime.

Regards, Ali.

over 8 years ago
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Psychic_IsisFayette (psychicinsights)

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Hello, let me channel in on things and give a solution. Contact me for the truth, blessings

over 8 years ago
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Alexandra Chauran (earthshod)

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I’d love to do a ten-card tarot reading for you to find out how to extract yourself from this relationship and hard lesson, and empower you with advice for finding happiness without him.

over 8 years ago
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Sage Guidance (bonabella)

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Hi Pink, I can feel your pain and sorrow and I know you can be released from that if you want to be. I am a Reiki Master as well and would love to help you with healing and guidance but you also must take an active part and want this. If that is the case please feel free to contact me anytime. Blessings, peace and love to you, Sharon

over 8 years ago
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moongirl (moongirl)

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You need to look into past life regression therapy here. Your strong ties to this man in this life are reminiscent of similar situations in past lives, and I also feel that he died traumatically in one of them and you felt responsible. In this life, you still have that sense of being responsible for HIS happiness, HIS healing, HIS life. You are not, HE is. Once you are able to see that and believe it, you may begin to free yourself of the chains which have held you for far too long.

I hope this makes sense, and gives you some direction. I truly hope you are able to gain the freedom you sorely deserve, and ultimately, the happiness which is yours for the taking :)

over 8 years ago

hi i am strongly picking up that in this realationship it is clearly a one way street. seem every time you feel your going foward you wind up three steps backwards seem there is something negitive keeping you and him together call me and let me shed some light to a very dark situation first 3 min.free

over 8 years ago
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Soni UK (soniuk)

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Please seek in personal professional counselling help first to empower yourself for atleast 3 months. Once you have been through that and made yourself feel a little strong and have the same questions then please ask for psychic advice. Just a suggestion for you thats all because I believe you can do more with the psychic paths ahead of you once you have a clearer head and counselling can definately help you get that to a certain degree. Hurt takes time to get through especially if it is such an on and off relationship you have been through. Lots of hugs to you…

over 8 years ago

call me let my psychic ability shed some light to you”r dark situation