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about 1 month ago

Will I hear back from B and will there be anything in the future between us? Thanks.

about 1 month ago

Hi Angel,

B is super logical. I can tell from looking at the cards. Looks like the two of you had some conflict.

Let me know if you want a fully detailed reading.


about 1 month ago

no conflict never sorry that u so wrong.

about 1 month ago

Hello,Let me look into spirit and see when B will come back and contact you , I will give you the truth and much more on relationship and romance . I have special today . I will give you the truth form spirit what is around his thoughts and feelings now toward you . Blessings

about 1 month ago

Hi dear,

I will check for you and tell you about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

about 1 month ago

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29 days ago

suntiger is saying that because he is turned away from you and he is upset, so it does feel as if there was a conflict, but I do feel this is about his boundaries and walls he has put up to you.

29 days ago

no conflict or upset never hun sorry that ur Suntiger so wrong what I ask hunny is not like that hear, why y’all on here jump to wrong conclusions about fighting or upsets being involved? :( :(

27 days ago

Because this psychics on here is mistaking you for other member on here they always doing this I am not knowing why.

23 days ago

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23 days ago

hi dear and welcome and yes she will contact you again but it will not be for a relationship,im on line if you wanna talk

22 days ago

I can help

18 days ago

Say what? He ain’t SHE none hun and what you mean he will contact me again? He aint contact me none yet is me who did the initial contacting in leaving him a message in the hope I hear back from him some day so what you talking about hun? Man so many guessing on here. Oh lordy me oh lordy my. Sheesh. :/

17 days ago

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