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Do psychics tell you all the same thing in love readings?

4 days ago

What’s the most common thing you hear when you do a love reading. I hear:

He has strong feelings but he does not trust or there’s negative energy or he has bad influences/friends around him.

I always wondered if they say the same thing to everyone

4 days ago

Hello, if the advisor read the spirit of the person , they could pick up different things about his feelings and ways , so you can’t say all of the advisors are wrong . See in a person spirit , that always want control of their own destiny , even if he or she is right tor wrong . Men don’t like be rush to fast . they get scare . Now if oyu would like to have reading form the spirit please get I contact me . I will give you the truth of what the person is feeling and thoughts toward you .Try my specials today . Come in for a session . I would be happy to help you further . Blessings

4 days ago

I’ve heard the friends

4 days ago
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Rosco (forgetit)

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All the reading I have. They said that

4 days ago
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meerkat (meerkat)

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or he is busy working on himself, that’s another one.

4 days ago

Oh my gosh ^^^ yes