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the dead

9 months ago

hi sweetheart, for some reason i came across you post almost a year later. your father is you guardian angel surrounding you. he does have alot of unsaid things he would like to let you know, including things he never did get a change to reveal to you.

9 months ago

I can help I have helped many on this do contact me

7 months ago

I see that is was actually a Angel trying to send you a message in a familiar faces I would love to help you with some clarity on what more the vision I sense around you is revealing come join me in a chat

7 months ago

Hello, I can help you right away on your questions , from connection from the pass where love ones went to other side . Come in for a chat and reading , I know I cna help you . Blessing s

6 months ago

he is missing you

6 months ago

I would be happy to do this reading for you ! ten mins for ten dollars ;) fast and accurate !

4 months ago

Hi call me now I need your full name and date of birth. I am a dream analysis so I need to ask you important qestions not only what he says bu where you are at and was is happening around you and him is extreamly important! I will let you no and re assure you that him coming into your dream was to send you a message

3 months ago

Hi Everyone! My favorite specials is the love and career reading and the curse analysis with remove, if you have got.

Love reading: I can see him/her feelings and thinks about you. I need a name and b.date or just age.

about 1 month ago

At the exact time of the question asked he was telling you that he was stable. To keep going down the right path. Your destiny with your mother is the correct one. Stability and security for a mother who is very significant and important.

Good nurture, marriage, stability, good wealth, good religion, good marriage

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