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Spiritual message for 09 07 2017

about 1 year ago

Some Gurus initiate the pupil into a mantra (mystic formula) and advise repetition of the same. But they do not emphasise the innate Divine Reality of the pupil which they cannot ignore even for a moment, nor do they insist on moral regeneration, which is so necessary for clarifying his inner faculties. The mantra-granting Guru is the Deeksha Guru (initiating preceptor); the personality recasting guru is the Siksha Guru (guiding preceptor). It is this latter guru that is reverentially praised in thousands of ways in the holy texts; he removes the faults in vision and destroys the darkness of ignorance. He reveals the Atma to the individual and makes him free. The Guru Purnima is dedicated to such gurus. The Moon (the presiding deity of the mind) is full, clear, cool and bright on this day! It has no blemish or dullness which diminishes its glow. The guru too is pictured and praised today as unblemished, bright and affectionate. On this Guru Poornima, you must decide to master your senses and intellect, emotions and passions, and thoughts and feelings, through intense Sadhana.