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Hello My Name Is Juliet I Am Naturally Born Gifted Psychic, Many People In My Family Have The Same Blessing As I Do.

I Am Very Non Judgmental Psychic. Whatever I See & Feel I Will Inform You. In My Readings I will be Using Candles,Crystals And Incense To Go Deeper Into Mediating Threw Your Energy, Spirit And Vibrations.

I Will Tell You Your Past, Analyze Your Present,& Foresee Your Future. I Will Not Only Get To The Surface Of The Problem, But Actually Get TO The Root TO Know Why It Is Happening.

My Readings Are Filled With Honesty, And Deep Desire To Help You In All Areas Of Your Life. My Deep Understanding Of The Spirit World Allows Me To Quickly Manifest Your Healing And Keep Connections Between Lovers. Each Consultation Is Authentic, Confidential & Compassionate

Call Me Today For A Better & Insightful Tomorrow!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FREE READING OR A FREE ANSWER PLEASE LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE NO REFUNDS!! Do Not Waste My Time Or Energy

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Psychology(Hons) Hypnotherapy Dip Ch Certified Angel Therapist and Medium ( trained by Ella Waterman) Certified Theta Healer Certified Soul Card Coach & Dream Therapist (with Ray Hebbern)


I Have Been Using My Gift For 28 Years To Date. I First Was Aware Of My Psychic Abilities When Was At The Age Of 10 When I Would Just Look At A Person And See Visons Threwout There Life And Feel There Emotions.In My 18th Year Of Being A Psychic I Traveled To Learn How To Use More Tools To Go Deeper Into My Readings. I Am Now Here To Help You!  My goal is to help guide and give as many people answers, clarity ,& insight as I can.I am happy and content with what I do. I take my time with each client never judgmental always understanding & kind. I Use My spirit guide lines to focus deep on the point and situation. Most Psychics Only do this part time but I Do this full time. My aim is to move you forward.


I’m more than able to lead you into the right path/see what’s best for you. My readings have clarity. I`ve been using the herbal tarot card deck for several years and have given excellent advice to many through out nations was born with an ability and gift that allows me to for see the future and steer you away from negative situations. my gift will amaze and direct you .Do not under estimate the power of a true psychic. ♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽ ♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽ LOVE READINGS REGARDING QUESTIONS TOO Marriage Cheating/Affair Unsatisfied Relationship Soul-mate/Twin-flame Hidden Feelings If she/he will make contact? & more

♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯☽♥✯♥✯☽ Also enquire about,Chakra balancing and spiritual cleansing.

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